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{{ 'The QR code below contains a URL which can be used to recover your account if you loose your password. Alternatively you can enter the Super PIN in place of your password.' | t }} {{ 'Print or photograph this recovery data and store a copy in a secure place.' | t}} {{ 'Do not store the information on this device!' | t }}

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{{ 'Have you printed your Recover Data (or copied the Super PIN) and stored it in a safe place?' | t }}

{{ 'Please note: by pressing "Continue" below, you will activate the TeamDrive "Super PIN" functionality for your user account.' | t }}

{{ 'The Super PIN functionality is required to ensure security of the Web Portal by encrypting data in the container used to access your spaces.' | t }}

{{ 'When the Super PIN is activated, you will no longer be able to change your password without the current password, or your Super PIN, or your Recovery URL (QR Code).' | t }}

{{ 'Note that old TeamDrive Clients will return an error when you attempt to change your password using a temporary password sent to you via email. If you forget your password, you must install the latest version of the TeamDrive Client in order to access you account, and enter either your Super PIN or a Recovery Code.' | t }}

{{ 'As a result, it is extremely important that, after you login to the Web Portal, you download and save your account recovery information. You can print out this information, or you can take photo of it with a mobile device.' | t }}

{{ 'More information may be found on this page:' | t }}
{{ 'Super PIN Information' | t }}

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